We save you time, money and frustration and will help you make a smart buying opportunity.

Research has confirmed what we already know – buying and selling houses can be stressful. Mostly because people don’t have the time or energy to properly assess the market and its opportunities, or inspect enough properties before making their decision.

People often fall in love with, and buy the wrong property because they’re thinking with their hearts, not their heads. Others tell us they find it difficult to confidently negotiate with a persistent agent or try to play hardball, and have lost out as a result.

Then comes the due diligence process, the nervous wait while bids are submitted and ensuring finances are structured correctly to safeguard against market fluctuations. You may get lucky and pick a great property, but if you don’t choose wisely, you may quickly find you’re drowning in a money pit that has to be sold for little or no gain.

You don’t have to struggle through this process alone – a buyers’ agent works exclusively for you.

Everyone knows that before you buy a car, you get a roadworthy so you can be certain you’re buying a quality vehicle without hidden surprises. Consider the purchase of a property – a significant financial investment. Can you be sure you’re not buying a bomb that looks good on the outside, but will need a serious amount of work in the short term, or will lose its future resale value?

Having a professional on your side makes sense. At Brisbane Buyers’ Agency we help you make smart, informed property choices. We have the right experience and qualifications with 20+ years experience in the property industry.

We are your advocates in the buying process – acting solely on your behalf. We work on a flat fee arrangement and never take commissions from agents. 

With Brisbane Buyers Agency you will save yourself time, money and frustration by accessing our more than 20 years property industry experience combined with the exclusive intelligence available from our proprietary Smart Buyers Index. It’s this combination of industry experience, access to smart buying opportunities and our dedicated ‘sleeves-rolled-up’ approach that our clients love! We work on a fixed fee and never take commissions from sales agents. For investors, our buyer’s agent fees are tax deductible.

Our services include:

  • Property research 
  • Property inspections (note we still recommend a formal Building and Pest inspection as part of contract arrangements)
  • Liaison with financial advisors and banks
  • Property appraisals
  • Negotiation
  • Auction bidding
  • Settlement due diligence
  • Pre-settlement inspections
  • Post-settlement support including: taxation depreciation reports and renovation advice.

We offer services to local buyers, expats, international buyers and home renovators.

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These stories explain exactly how we help our clients

Imagine buying 70% more land for $15,000 less than your budget and immediately renting your investment out

Our clients Phil and Anna were referred by a Sydney-based mortgage broker and were looking for an investment property in Brisbane. They had previously had a very negative experience dealing with an investment group so when they came to us they were very nervous about investing.

What did we achieve?

We helped Phil and Anna buy an extremely attractive investment property only 7kms from the city with city views on a piece of land 70% bigger than anticipated for $15,000 less than their budget. The house was also rented immediately – giving Phil and Anna the peace of mind that rental income was coming straight in.

How did we do it?

Our negotiation skills made the difference. In fact, we were not the highest bidder but our conditions were considered more favourable. We also negotiated access to the home during the conveyancing period so that Phil and Anna could rent their investment property out as soon as possible. A suitable tenant was found and moved in only one day after settlement occurred.

Our experience in valuation and quantity surveying meant we were able to give Phil and Anna an accurate sense of future maintenance costs. The home was lined predominately with plasterboard linings (minimizing asbestos) and the kitchen was dated but usable. The 3 bedrooms had built-in cupboards. It had a renovated bathroom and a freshly painted exterior. All supporting posts were concrete not timber, which eliminated any chance of future re-stumping. The electrical wiring was upgraded from traditional rubber cabling. However, the plumbing was copper pipe not galvanized steel pipe. This was a warning sign to us and helped Phil and Anna understand what their future costs might be for replacement. In addition, this home had a patio extension which attracted some tax depreciation benefits. We compile tax depreciation schedules in-house and include these as part of our service.

As a complimentary service we compile tax depreciation schedules for our clients – these schedules are valued at $1000 and can be claimed back on tax returns.


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