We will save you time, money and frustration and secure you a property that will maximise your overall returns

Finding the right commercial property for your business or next investment is vital.

When you work with us you’ll get access to the best properties on the market as well as exclusive off-market opportunities – only available through our network of industry specialists.

We buy commercial property for clients in a range of sectors including medical, professional services and industrial.

Whether you are buying premises for your business or making your next investment decision there is a range of factors to consider.

For your own premises: location, floor plans, local demographics to match your market, proximity to competitors and client needs to name a few.

For an investment: managing risk, yield, tenancy arrangements, and long-term capital growth forecasts are vital.

At Brisbane Buyers Agency our comprehensive Risk Profiling Service ensures you will make a smart buy that meets your goals.  Our service involves extensive due diligence and research and liaison with trusted advisors like town planners and specialist valuers so you secure a property that ticks all of your boxes and maximises your overall returns.

The Dynamics of Commercial Property Are Different

The dynamics of buying commercial property are different and it’s important to consider your specific needs, supply and demand, yield, and development outcomes so you can make the best decision for your business or investment.

When you choose the right commercial property you have the opportunity to boost your income and diversify your investment portfolio.

The key is to have a clear goal and to understand the dynamics specific to your situation so you make the smartest decision possible.


Factors to Consider For Your Next Investment

There are many factors to take into account when considering your next commercial property purchase. Here are just a few:

When Buying a Site To Operate Your Business

  • Local demographics
  • Proximity to services relevant to your industry eg. hospitals
  • Location of competitors
  • Future expansion requirements
  • Customer parking and access
  • Building layout and design.

When Buying an Investment Property

  • Rezoning likelihood or potential
  • Residential development potential
  • Quality tenants
  • Local retail, transport, education or health infrastructure or proposed investment
  • Gentrification
  • Population growth and projections.

Our commercial property team has extensive experience in the Brisbane property market. Our proven Risk Profiling Service will save you time, money and frustration when we work with you.

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Why Engage Brisbane Buyers Agency?

When you work with us you will access a highly skilled and experienced team including buyers’ agents, specialist valuers, town planners and fit-out consultants relevant to the asset class you are investing in.

When you work with us we’ll manage the process and keep you in the loop each step of the way from initial research and due diligence through to inspections, valuations, and negotiations with agents.

You will receive access to off-market opportunities as well as the listed properties that meet your specific brief.

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Every step in our process will save you time, money and frustration and ensure you’re making a smart decision on your next commercial property purchase.

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