We know you’ll walk away happy, as we’re professional, caring, and dedicated to finding you a smart buying opportunity you will love. But don’t take our word for it – this is what our clients are saying:

Paul was able to get us access to off market properties through his real estate agent connections. We did end up purchasing an off market property in a tightly held suburb with limited stock and strong demand. Getting access to new off market opportunities to look at irrespective of whether we thought they were right for us was our favourite part of the whole process. It was good to get a number of houses to consider throughout the process. Paul was great to deal with, very knowledgeable, and well connected. Communication was excellent, the right level was maintained, not too much, not too little. He kept us informed and maintained open communication with local agents to secure off market opportunities.

We would absolutely recommend Paul as a Buyers Agent and would use him again.


Paul is a true trusted advisor putting his client’s interests at the centre of what he does. We bought a house with him and were delighted with the result. Paul is expert in navigating the market, finding value and stepping through all aspects of the buying process. Working with him reduce the stress of the process and helped us get something we loved that is also a good investment

Anthony Joseph

Brisbane Buyers Agency helped me to become clear on where I’d like to live and what type of home to buy from the very first step. Paul did challenge our existing ideas and I am glad he did because it ended up being my favourite part of the whole process realising we could buy in a better suburb than we thought we could! With additional tips on what to look for and the data to support our decisions, I was confident that I was making a sound financial decision.

Paul’s communication with us was clear and he was available to speak with us as needed. By communicating in-person and Zoom meetings as well as text messages and emails, we were easily able to juggle the property searching process while working full time.

Dealing with sale agents and negotiations was one of our biggest concerns about purchasing a property. Having guidance to support us with these conversations helped us to know what was and wasn’t standard practice and what we needed to question further. It was incredibly valuable to have expert guidance regarding body corporate matters and ensuring that we had all of the information we needed to be confident in our decision to buy.

Working with Brisbane Buyers Agency as first home buyers have given us peace of mind for our biggest financial decision to date. When the time comes to buy our next home, we will absolutely use your services again to guide us in our decisions and negotiations. The First Home Buyers Kick Start program was great for us as we would not have been able to afford the standard service package and we will recommend this to any friends looking to buy their first home.

Everything about the experience was outstanding. From the conversations that helped us make an informed decision, learning how to search, doing appraisals on homes we liked and what to look for in a suburb and property. Paul took the time to know us, supported us when we were disheartened, and gave us peace of mind that we had an expert in our corner and sounding board. There is nothing I would have wanted to change about the First Home Buyers Kick Start program.

Ben and Elly


We were highly impressed with Paul Palella’s experience, professionalism, and attention to detail throughout the process of purchasing our home this April. As first home buyers, his expertise was instrumental in helping us navigate the property market and the purchasing process. In addition to possessing a wealth of industry knowledge, he has reliable contacts and is well respected in the industry. Paul is a lovely person to work with, and made himself available to us after hours, which was extremely helpful given our long working hours. We highly recommend him as a buyer’s agent and would happily work with him again in future.

Candice and Joseph
Holland Park

“My partner and I had been looking for a house to buy for about 18 months and had missed out on many offers. While I was reluctant at first to pay for the services of a buyer’s agent, we realised that we needed help. Paul’s service not only saved us the hassle of combing through the weekly real estate listings, spending all day Saturday racing around to get to open homes and then endlessly dealing with sales agents with an agenda, but also helped us to feel confident with our offers and removed a certain emotional element from the process.

From our first contact with him right through to the purchase of our house and even all the support he has given us since Paul was professional yet very personable. He made it very easy for us to contact him at times that suited us, this was particularly helpful as both my partner and I were often time poor with work commitments. Paul was also very honest and open with us at all times, and we never felt like he was trying to rush us to make a purchase rather that he was happy to take as long as required to find the right home for us.

Negotiating with sales agents was by far one of the most difficult challenges we faced when we were trying to do it alone, we found that we could never trust what sales agents were telling us and this made it difficult when we found a house that we really liked but didn’t want to end up paying too much for it. Paul took over all communications with the sales agents and was able to implement his negotiation skills to achieve the best outcome for us. Without Paul’s negotiating I would have highly doubted that we would have been able to buy our house at the price that we did.

Previous to using Paul, we had been looking for a property for a long time and had begun to think that we would have to make some significant compromises to find something within our budget. The cost of engaging a buyer’s agent seemed quite expensive, however in hindsight, I definitely feel that we got excellent value for money. For me this was an important outcome from the service, it was not a small investment to make so I wanted to feel like it was money well spent.

My favourite part was standing in the backyard of the property we bought when the auctioneer called out “SOLD!” after Paul made the winning bid. Buying at auction was something I had previously avoided, however with Paul’s help we were able to buy at auction.

Initially, I thought that having gone through this process once with a buyer’s agent, I would probably do it alone next time. However, having seen the value I got from Paul’s service I would happily use him if I was buying again (perhaps an investment property next time…).

I really valued having someone you can trust to give you good advice when making such an important purchase. Overall our experience was outstanding with Brisbane Buyers’ Agency and well exceeded my expectations. Paul’s support, expertise and advice was invaluable in achieving the purchase of our home. We love our house, and thanks to Paul the process of purchasing it was made very easy and he provided excellent value for money.”

Oliver Taylor

“Paul is a great communicator. He always seemed to have time to explain his thoughts behind the properties we were looking for. We had some trouble with our initial brief but Paul was patient and helped us through this. He has a group of experts that are also generally helpful and overall lived up to my expectations. Paul was able to quickly discount properties that were not suitable and saved us a lot of time.

Once a suitable place was found Paul was able to supply me with the information needed. I had some last-minute doubts that Paul was able to use his industry contacts of builders and engineers to alleviate my concerns. This enabled me to not miss out on the great opportunity he found me.

He was able to close our deal, despite last-minute hesitation on our part and the vendors and his personal approach with the agent saved us $16,000.” 

Owen Bourne

“We decided to work with buyers agent because we were relocating from overseas to Brisbane and had very little idea about the market. There is plenty of resources online nowadays about property purchase, however, buying a property is a very sensitive process and you need to understand the market not to overpay really. Just during the first call with Paul, I could tell that he is very experienced, knowledgeable and professional buyers agent.

It’s a very intimate process choosing ones new home, and we felt very confident and comfortable working with Brisbane Buyers Agency. Paul was very approachable and patient, he understood what we are looking for and kept us focused. Our initial brief was very broad and Paul helped us to narrow down, we are indeed fortunate, that we decided to go with his services. He traveled two full weeks with us seeing as many properties as possible that met our criteria, talked us out of a few (we are lucky we didn’t proceed to contract). At the end we bought land in a perfect location in West Brisbane, now we are about to start building our dream home.

We are super happy with the location as it meets all our criteria and we are especially pleased with the below-market price that Paul has been able to negotiate for us! Honestly, I couldn’t imagine myself asking this price. Now we have some extra cash to spend on construction.

Paul’s enthusiasm for real estate is obvious as is his ability to get the best possible property, at the best possible price, for his clients. Not only would I be happy to recommend Paul to my friends I would actively encourage everyone looking to buy property in Brisbane to use Brisbane Buyers Agency’s services to secure the right property.

Anna Ruckman

“We had no idea what we were doing, it was our first rental property purchase and our last house purchase was 21 years ago.  Things had changed so much so much we decided we needed help navigating to process to make an informed investment purchase decision backed industry experience and knowledge.  Paul helped in many ways – ultimately by reducing stress and improving our confidence in the buying process.  We saved time as Paul weeded out the properties that were unsuitable – meaning we didn’t waste time going to a million open homes.  He also helped us deal with the competition on the properties we liked. There were a surprising number of offers for properties that we were interested in, and they sold so quickly.

Paul helped us feel confident in understanding property values – enabling us to make an informed decision on what to offer he also recommended special conditions for the contract that enabled us to secure a tenant one week after settling. Paul did the negotiating and problem solving on our behalf when issues surfaced. All this saved us money and meant the property was earning us income earlier than it would have otherwise done.

Paul was prompt with phone calls, emails etc.  He was always keen to ensure we understood everything and was happy to answer any questions we had and he volunteered advice constantly.

Our favorite part of the process was the feeling of having someone in our corner, looking after our interests.  When buying a property, you are never sure of the selling agent’s motives.  Paul had one motive – to help us.

We would use Paul again and recommend him to anyone searching for a property in a heartbeat.”

Sharee Barker (Everton Park)

I had just recently migrated from Perth and did not know anything about Brisbane property market. I had a general idea of what I wanted but needed help to find it and make sure I was not overpaying. Using buyers agent like Paul meant that I did not have to study the Brisbane property market and was able to find property much faster.

Everything Paul did for us was outstanding. From communicating regularly through to negotiating and managing the whole experience. Paul was very patient and informative about each property recommendation. He helped us in narrowing the ideal suburbs. He recommended selective properties and was insightful in discussing all the pros and cons of each home. What I liked most was that it was not a pressurized service where I felt I had to buy as I have already been shown “x” number of properties.

We love our new family home.

It was the perfect experience for my wife and I and we would definitely use and recommend Brisbane Buyers Agency again.

Harman S (Everton Park)

“If you’re going to invest close to a million to buy a property I think it makes sense to invest in getting the right one.  

Paul as my buyer’s agent went over and above the brief.  He didn’t just give me a few properties to look at.  He worked with me until that perfect property appeared. He made sure that I stuck to my parameters, stuck to my budget and got the best property within my brief.  He advised me to walk away from two properties he felt was over-priced and I am glad I did.  He was level-headed and centered so I didn’t buy from an emotional perspective.  And when he says, I promise you won’t regret your purchase, it is true.  I love my house.  

Paul thought about things I would never have dreamt to even ask, he bustled around roofs and side gardens and put instruments on walls to make sure my home was sound and right for me. He has comprehensive knowledge of the value of properties and the market.  He was ever so graceful with the real estate agents, well more than I could have ever been, and kept the process calm and grounded.  I love my house (some 6+ months later).  And, I really don’t think that I would have had a such a great experience buying a house because I would have been so stressed.  There have been no nasty surprises in my house, it has been a joy to be here.”

Anna F (Chapel Hill)

“I would highly recommend Paul as a buyer’s agent. He delivered everything he said he would plus more. I valued his insights into the market and his keen eye for potential problems/issues with individual properties.

It was also really clear to me that he absolutely loves what he does and has a passion for it. I also felt at every stage that he was looking out for our best interests and didn’t have any personal interest or agenda. For example, he didn’t seem to care who we borrowed from, or how long the search took etc.”

Scott McIsaac (Sydney)

“Paul from Brisbane Buyers Agency recently helped my wife and I purchase our home. As first home buyers, justifying the additional expense of engaging a Buyers Agent was not easy, but as soon as we met with Paul we knew that it was the right choice. Throughout the whole process we felt like we had “VIP Access” to the property market, being shown houses not yet listed on the realestate.com.au / domain.com.au sites, and having access to Paul’s network of contacts that helped to guide us towards (or away from) properties based on information that we wouldn’t have otherwise had.

We leaned heavily on Paul’s expertise through the offer process, and he was able to negotiate a price for us that we couldn’t be happier with, and far lower than I think we could have gotten on our own.

Paul was incredibly generous with his time throughout the process and always made us feel we were more like friends than clients.”

Sean OHagan (Arana Hills)

“We wanted to invest in Brisbane but didn’t know which areas and what type of property we should focus on. Paul spent a lot of time discussing our current financial position, our goals and why we want to invest in property. Equipped with all of this information, and after numerous discussions with us, Paul helped us narrow down search criteria that met our expectations.

Paul researched various properties, analysed and compared various opportunities and recommended the ones that met our agreed criteria. Paul was very good at providing detailed feedback on why a certain property met our criteria and how it would help in our long-term goals.

Paul communicated with us on a regular basis from the start of engagement till post-settlement –offering advice on every aspect of the property. It didn’t feel like I was so far away in Melbourne due to the level of contact I had with Paul.

We have purchased a really good property with minimal maintenance in a high rental demand area at a fair price. Without Paul, I could have easily paid $10,000 to $15,000 more for the same property. Only 4 months have passed and I can clearly see all of Paul’s advice and research has produced great results sooner than expected. The purchase has already been fruitful – demonstrating growth in value – when compared to very similar homes selling at a much higher price in the local area including the same street.

Being an interstate buyer the biggest benefit in dealing with Paul was that I didn’t have to fly to Brisbane to search, inspect and research properties. Paul did it all for us. He brought with him years of experience in researching, buying and analysing estimating the market value of properties which I simply didn’t have.

I would highly recommend Paul to anybody searching for an investment property. I have already recommended Paul to a few people in Melbourne.”

Tarun Ohri (Melbourne)


“I feel grateful I met Paul. I had breakfast with my brother (a real estate agent) this morning and he told me that you are the only buyers’ agent who he has noticed really check over the home, not just check the place for a paycheque. This gave me lots of confidence in our strategy together. It’s such a big investment. My brother’s experience dealing with you as a buyers agent inspecting and scrutinising his listings gave me the confidence to engage you.”

Anna (Bardon)


“I used Brisbane Buyers Agency in 2014 when I was looking for my first property to buy on my own. Having previously bought properties with other people I was a little nervous this time as it was my first solo adventure. It was very comforting and reassuring to have someone on my team who was knowledgeable across all areas of property buying. I have found it challenging in the past to find people in the real-estate business you can trust and who genuinely have your best interests at heart. This was not the case with my interactions with Paul.

I was always 100% confident with his advice and ideas and that he had my best interests in mind. Paul walked me through the process of buying a new property from beginning to end and this gave me peace of mind knowing I wasn’t on my own. Paul provided me with honest advice and support I could trust. His approachability, friendliness and understanding of my needs and preferences made the acquisition smooth sailing and stress free. His research process into the body corporate was quite detailed and very reassuring.

I would highly recommend Paul’s services to anyone looking for assistance in the property market. 100% happy customer.”

Megan Harris (Sunshine Coast)

“We recently used Paul Palella’s services when my husband and I were looking to buy our first home.  Paul made the process of looking so much easier with his expert knowledge and experience in the field.  We wanted someone to help guide us with honesty and that is exactly what we got.  

Paul met us at all the open homes we went too, and because we had someone we trusted helping us it was a much less stressful process.  We would highly recommend Paul to any first home buyers and when we are in the position to buy again we will surely use his services again.”

landa and David Mcintosh (Warner)

“Paul is fantastic to work with, he keeps his customers at the heart of everything he does. I’m extremely impressed with his industry experience. He has a robust process to find the best possible property for each and every customer. We recently worked together to help one of my clients. He kept me informed weekly of the client’s situation and the progress of his search. He was courteous enough to alert me there was a chance that the client was potentially seeking finance elsewhere. This information put me in the position to approach the client and work with them again! I recommend Paul highly to anyone looking for an expert buyer’s agent.”

Nathan Vecchio, Director, Hunter Galloway (Brisbane)

“At the start of 2014 I was looking for a property within 5 kms of the city. The market was so competitive that houses were under contract before I even had a chance to think about making an offer. Working in the mining industry meant I was away for long periods of time and always missed out. After a few months I realised it would be impossible without some help. On a recommendation by a friend I was given Paul’s number.

Paul was fantastic, firstly making sure he knew exactly what kind of property I was looking for and understanding all of the things I wanted in a house that was to be a home, and a future investment. He had ways of finding property that had never even occurred to me such as canvassing a suburb to find properties not yet listed. We were constantly in contact as he provided me with potential properties. When I was in town Paul arranged inspection times, and drove me around showing me recent sales so I could compare potential property prices, making sure I wouldn’t overspend in a heated market.

After finding a property I was happy with, he managed to negotiate an excellent price, inspecting the property along side the building inspector, organising pest inspection, an insurance cover note, even visiting neighbours to have a chat about their knowledge of the immediate area and how the property fared during heavy rain. Paul was an absolute pleasure to deal with and ensured a stress-free experience in a very difficult market. A year later and I’m very happy with the investment I have made. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend his services.”

Jennifer Padget (Newcastle)

“I’m always impressed with the level of service I experience when I deal with Paul. He listens carefully to the needs of my clients, he keeps me up-to-date weekly on the progress of the search and he keeps my clients absolutely updated.

He is really easy to work with and my clients have always walked away happy with their purchase. With one of our most recent clients I am happy to say that just four months after purchase, a similar property in the same street sold at auction for $50,000 more than our client’s investment property. I feel our property is a much better property and it’s a great feeling for my clients to know that their property has improved so much in value in such a short amount of time.

He negotiated great terms and positioned my client to find a tenant before the property settled which saved them a lot of money and gave them great peace of mind that their investment was returning income right from the beginning.

I strongly recommend Paul and his team. The benefits of using a buyer’s agent far outweigh going it alone and I will be using him for my next personal purchase”

Gio Migheli, Finance Manager, Astute Financial Sydney City Central

“I have been caring for a gentleman for over 18 months who has dementia and it was at the request of the other carer that we should find a house for our client where he could live out his remaining days in a peaceful environment.

After many weeks of going to open houses and spending countless frustrating hours on the internet a real estate agent suggested to me that we should talk to a buyer’s broker. We were given a few names and the family chose Paul Palella. After having a meeting with Paul it was a huge relief to know that he would do all the hard work.

I found Paul to be honest and open with a passion to find the right house for my client. He was easy to talk to and his compassion for the situation was remarkable. Paul kept in touch with all parties involved and spent the time in getting to know each of us so that the outcome would benefit all concerned. I am proud to say that Paul Palella was an exceptional real estate buyer’s agent and conducted himself with dignity and in a very professional manner.

I would highly recommend using Paul to anyone who is looking for an honest, professional and caring man.”

Suzanne Kenyon (Caboolture)

“Paul found us the perfect property in an area we would not have previously considered which widened our scope of choice .Paul listened carefully to our brief , considered our special circumstances and added his very professional advice. He was both compassionate and understanding as the process unfolded . His market knowledge and approach saved us considerable time and effort providing us with houses to inspect that showed how thorough his property search had been .We would highly recommend Paul Palella as a buyers agent”

Josephine and Nicholas Radovic (Clayfield)

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your assistance with a number of clients over the last 12 months. We have found your service to be efficient and prompt in our mutual client dealings. You are easy to work. Along the way, you have been in constant contact with our clients and kept us updated in a timely and regular fashion.

You have proven to follow a diligent process while working with clients, which highlights your knowledge of product and patience with clients to ensure they feel comfortable with each step of the process, from initial consultation through to purchase settlement. Clients have benefited from your negotiation skills, which has made our job easier as a mortgage broking firm, by reducing any issues which we may encounter with valuations.

We will continue to recommend you to our current and future clients to assist with their property purchases.”
We looking forward to continuing to work with you.

Brett Ryan, Mortgage Planner and Director, Launch Financial