How to get your pre-approved clients buying within 3 months, and get paid for it, without any further work from you


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At Brisbane Buyers’ Agency we understand the time and effort it takes for you to get a client pre-approved. At anywhere from a few days to a week per client – who may then not purchase within your six-month approval timeframe – it’s a big set up cost and it can be a long time to wait for payday. In some cases there is no payday – if they don’t purchase then you never get paid.

What if you could be assured of getting your currently pre-approved clients buying and settling within the next three months? What would that mean to your bottom line?  We did some maths. If pre-approvals do not convert it would mean a broker with $3million in pre-approved loans would miss out on $20,000 plus trail.

How Do We Help You Get Your Clients Buying Within 3 Months?

Quite simply – we help your clients make smart buying decisions, quickly and easily. Typically our buyers find and buy a property within 3 months. They choose us because we are impartial, find great deals and we save them money, time and frustration.

My name is Paul Palella and I’m Principal of Brisbane Buyers’ Agency. Our step-by-step approach and our proprietary property analytics tool, the Brisbane Buyers Agency Smart Buyers Index, gives our clients the inside running on the true property hotspots in Brisbane. We are highly skilled negotiators and we work on a flat fee arrangement. We do not work on commission from agents. This gives our buyers peace of mind and saves them time and money.

Limited Time Referral Fee

For a very limited time, we’re offering mortgage brokers an attractive referral fee for clients who engage us to buy their next property and complete their purchase with us. To take advantage of this opportunity call me on 0409 499 034.

The Benefit of Working with Us


Some recent smart buys for our clients:

We purchased an investment property for a client for only $585,000 in one affluent inner city suburb only 1 km to the border of another suburb where the median house price was $800,000+. 

We recently purchased a home with city views for $585,000 and with a similar home in the same street 3 doors down, selling just 4 months later for $627,000. That’s almost $50,000 more for a lesser home on a smaller block.

We regularly work with mortgage brokers to help their clients find the right property in Brisbane. When we work with our mortgage broker colleagues we see it as a partnership based on:

Saving your clients time, money and frustration by helping your clients buy smarter – this is the heart of our business. We are impartial and we make sure our clients buy Brisbane properties that will increase in value. Our 20 years of experience and our proprietary property analytics tool, the Brisbane Buyers Agency Smart Buyers Index, gives our clients the peace of mind to know they are making a smart, informed buy in a good location that will perform well for the long term. We also help your clients save money by:

  • helping them make sense of building and pest inspections – so they don’t become fearful and crash the contract unnecessarily. We can also help them use the information in the report to save money in negotiating and in estimating building and renovation costs
  • offering a complimentary tax depreciation report which is 100% tax deductible. This report is valued at $1000. We list it separately so your clients can claim that $1000 fee straight back on their tax

Trust and Communication – We know it takes time and money for you to engage a client and get them pre-approved. The next big issue is the time between the pre-approval and the client actually buying. As a broker it can be difficult to know what’s going on with your client. When your clients work with me I keep you in the loop with weekly updates and a heads up on things that need attention.

Keeping you in the loop at all times – Sometimes during the course of looking buyers can go to another broker or bank. In these cases, I always steer my client back to the referring broker and notify the broker so they can take action.

Accurate Appraisals – Sometimes a bad bank valuation can destroy a transaction. As I’m a registered valuer, with more than 20 years experience working for some of Queensland’s top valuation agencies, there is little chance of a problematic valuation. Our appraisals are based on a range of factors so they are accurate and our buyers can bid with confidence at auctions.

Clarity on Settlement Deadlines – We know sometimes agents can convince less experienced buyers for a shorter or 7-day finance clause. In these cases we are firm with the buyers and agents on settlement deadlines so you and your client have enough time to organise their finances. This also allows us to get access to the home prior to settlement to market if for rent.

Post Purchase Equity Advice – We annually keep track of the value of our clients’ investment value and notify both the client and the broker. This could mean identifying more equity available for future purchases and more deals for you. We also guide our clients on renovations that can be done – again to build equity



Client Success Stories



Imagine buying 70% more land for $15,000 less than your budget and immediately renting your investment out

Our clients Phil and Anna were referred by a Sydney-based mortgage broker and were looking for an investment property in Brisbane. They had previously had a very negative experience dealing with an investment group so when they came to us they were very nervous about investing.

What did we achieve?

We helped Phil and Anna buy an extremely attractive investment property only 7kms from the city with city views on a piece of land 70% bigger than anticipated for $15,000 less than their budget. The house was also rented immediately – giving Phil and Anna the peace of mind that rental income was coming straight in.

How did we do it?

Phil and Anna came to us saying they were looking for a low maintenance brick and tile home in the outer suburbs. We looked at their brief and using our Smart Buyers Index found them a home much closer to the CBD on 70% more land paying $15,000 less than their budget.

When it came to purchasing the home our negotiation skills made all the difference. In fact, we were not the highest bidder but our conditions were considered more favourable. We also negotiated access to the home during the conveyancing period so that Phil and Anna could rent their investment property out as soon as possible. A suitable tenant was found and moved in only one day after settlement occurred.

Our experience in valuation and quantity surveying meant we were able to give Phil and Anna an accurate sense of future maintenance costs. The home was lined predominately with plasterboard linings (minimizing asbestos) and the kitchen was dated but usable. The 3 bedrooms had built-in cupboards. It had a renovated bathroom and a freshly painted exterior. All supporting posts were concrete not timber, which eliminated any chance of future re-stumping. The electrical wiring was upgraded from traditional rubber cabling. The plumbing was copper pipe not galvanized steel which meant there was no requirement for future replacement. This information helped Phil and Anna understand what their future costs might be for replacement before they signed a contract to purchase. In addition, this home had a patio extension which attracted some tax depreciation benefits. We compile tax depreciation schedules in-house and include these as part of our service.

As a complimentary service we compile tax depreciation schedules for our clients – these schedules are valued at $1000 and can be claimed back on tax returns.

Here is a link to the home.

We’re extremely committed to helping our clients make smart decisions. To give you a greater sense of our approach please download our Smart Buyer’s Report: 43 TIPS TO SAVE $$$ ON YOUR NEXT PROPERTY AND AVOID THE ONE BIG MISTAKE MOST PEOPLE MAKE (see the link at the top of this page). This is a valuable resource for property inspections and we recommend you direct any of your clients considering a property investment to download it. It will save them money.


How We Help Your Clients


Our clients, Josephine and Nicholas from Wooloowin, Brisbane recently said:

“Paul found us the perfect property … he listened carefully to our brief, and considered our special circumstances … his market knowledge and approach saved us considerable time and effort … We highly recommend Brisbane Buyers’ Agency.”

Our step-by-step Smart Buyers’ Blueprint Service Path will walk your clients step-by-step through everything from research and sales negotiations through to post-sale support with renovation costing and tax depreciation reports.  

Our 20 years in property, combined with our local knowledge and our proprietary property analytics tool, the Brisbane Buyers’ Agency Smart Buyers’ Index means we’ll find and negotiate the best deal for your clients. Our Smart Buyers Index gives significant insights only available to our clients. Through this we know:

  • how to access good deals in close proximity to dress circle locations
  • why houses in the northern end of one Brisbane suburb sell for more than homes on the southern end despite them being separated by 1 km
  • why a pocket of this same Brisbane suburb has not increased in value at all over 5 years
  • why some suburbs will never command a higher rental yield despite how much is spent on renovations
  • why houses on the north side of a major arterial road in southern Brisbane are more expensive than their southern counterparts
  • how to interpret variances in the sales data to make realistic offers that vendors accept.

Some insights from brokers who’ve worked with us


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“Paul is fantastic to work with, he keeps his customers at the heart of everything he does. I’m extremely impressed with his industry experience. He has a robust process to find the best possible property for each and every customer. We recently worked together to help one of my clients. He kept me informed weekly of the client’s situation and the progress of his search. He was courteous enough to alert me there was a chance that the client was potentially seeking finance elsewhere. This information put me in the position to approach the client and work with them again! I recommend Paul highly to anyone looking for an expert buyer’s agent.”

Nathan Vecchio, Director, Hunter Galloway


Gio Astute Photo

“I’m always impressed with the level of service I experience when I deal with Paul. He listens carefully to the needs of my clients, he keeps me up-to-date weekly on the progress of the search and he keeps my clients absolutely updated.

He is really easy to work with and my clients have always walked away happy with their purchase. With one of our most recent clients I am happy to say that just four months after purchase, a similar property in the same street sold at auction for $50,000 more than our client’s investment property. I feel our property is a much better property and it’s a great feeling for my clients to know that their property has improved so much in value in such a short amount of time.

He negotiated great terms and positioned my client to find a tenant before the property settled which saved them a lot of money and gave them great peace of mind that their investment was returning income right from the beginning.

I strongly recommend Paul and his team. The benefits of using a buyer’s agent far outweigh going it alone and I will be using him for my next personal purchase”

Gio Migheli, Finance Manager, Astute Financial Sydney City Central


“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your assistance with a number of clients over the last 12 months. We have found your service to be efficient and prompt in our mutual client dealings. You are easy to work. Along the way, you have been in constant contact with our clients and kept us updated in a timely and regular fashion.

You have proven to follow a diligent process while working with clients, which highlights your knowledge of product and patience with clients to ensure they feel comfortable with each step of the process, from initial consultation through to purchase settlement. Clients have benefited from your negotiation skills, which has made our job easier as a mortgage broking firm, by reducing any issues which we may encounter with valuations.

We will continue to recommend you to our current and future clients to assist with their property purchases.
We looking forward to continuing to work with you.

Brett Ryan, Mortgage Planner and Director, Launch Financial

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