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Property Inspection Insights – Issues to Avoid – Surface Drainage

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What we found in the field this week in Ashgrove! 

At Brisbane Buyers Agency we’ve inspected thousands of properties. This means we know what we’re looking at and will find problems that people who don’t buy a house very often will miss.

Inspection issues to avoid

SURFACE DRAINAGE                SURFACE DRAINAGE (2)                                  


I would consider myself a discerning buyer which is why I have developed a checklist of 10 critical attributes to look out for when buying a home that I do not comprise on for my clients. One of those attributes is surface drainage. To do a thorough inspection you need to inspect every part of the house including walking around the yard which also involves for me being a little nosey and checking on the neighbours yard.  The above photos are in fact of the neighbouring property of the home that is for sale. Basically, this homeowner has built quite a considerable open drain that runs down a portion of the adjoining side boundary of the property and the full length of their rear boundary which you can make out from the photo. What you can not see is that the subject home’s land is below the level of the road and falls diagonally to the rear boundary where the above photos were taken making draining surface water to the street impossible by gravity. It was evident to me that in heavy rain, the rear yard would be inundated with water. This prompted me to research further so I decided to door knock the immediate neighbours (4 in total) and they happily confirmed my suspensions. Surprisingly this water inundation is not depicted on Brisbane City Councils overland flow records.

So what was our verdict?

In the end, we avoided this home. Our brief was to find a character home in a quality location to undertake a major renovation which included an extension with deck and pool for their large family. The location of where the pool would have been constructed and a portion of the home extension would have been in the path of the overland flow. And although you could inject additional capital to try and divert the water flow there is really no need when with continued effort, we can simply find the ideal home.

How do we know what to avoid?

image001Hi, I’m Paul Palella, principal of Brisbane Buyers Agency. From my more than 20 years in the property, industry working as a registered valuer and quantity surveyor I have literally rolled my sleeves up and inspected thousands of homes. This means I know what to look out for and what will make a great buy – either as an investment or as a family home.

The value of our inspections is that we will save you time, money and frustration by picking up issues that:

  • might mean a property is not worth pursuing – freeing you up to look at other houses and saving you money on an unnecessary building and pest inspection
  • could be used as negotiating terms – saving you money
  • could cause you to terminate a contract – saving you potential headaches and freeing you up to look at other houses.

Please note we always recommend a formal building and pest inspection by a qualified consultant before you purchase any property. We can also help you interpret these reports and work out how to resolve any issues they may raise.

If you would like to know more about what to avoid in your next inspection, please register for our 43 Tips Smart Property Buyers Inspection Report.

Would you like help with your next property purchase?

As a Brisbane buyers agent, I am totally committed to helping you make a smart buying decision on your next property purchase. I act completely independently and only select homes that meet our strict ‘smart buying’ criteria.

My clients’ regularly tell me they engaged me because they were frustrated and at the end of their tether looking for a property in Brisbane that suited them. They were sick of wasting their time at weekend open homes and in the evenings – time that could be better spent with their loved ones.

I’d love to help you make your next Brisbane property investment or home purchase.

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