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Property Inspection Insights - Issues to Avoid (6)

Property Inspection Insights – Issues to Avoid – Windows

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What we found in the field this week in Kenmore! 

At Brisbane Buyers’ Agency we’ve inspected thousands of properties. This means we know what we’re looking at and will find problems that people who don’t buy a house very often will miss.


Inspection issues to avoid

This is a photo of a typical casement window (underside of window view) which you will find in most post-war homes in Brisbane. I always look at timber windows carefully as they can be expensive to repair. This is what appears to be a cedar window and has been painted underneath in white paint to provide protection from moisture but the exterior face of the window has been clear lackered. You can see that the underside of the window has been forgotten about and is in need of immediate attention as the joints have separated. You know what they say “out of sight, out of mind”.  In saying that, the exterior of the window which is constantly exposed to weather conditions is also in poor condition and bare timber is now exposed to the elements. What a lot of people may not know is that although clear lackered timber looks fantastic it requires constant maintenance and these windows need light sanding and have a single clear coat applied every 2-3 years to keep them looking great. Once the bare timber has been exposed, ideally the timber should be stripped back, requiring moderating sanding and 2-3 coats of clear reapplied again.

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So what was our verdict?

To bring these windows back to their former glory (22 windows in total) we have 2 options:

  1. Repair the joints with builders putty. light sand and re-finish the windows with say white paint this will cost approximately $250 per window.
  2. Repair the joints with builders putty, strip windows back to bare timber, re-finish the windows with clear again, this will cost approximately $330 per window

Bringing this information to our client meant that they were fully informed before signing the contract thus minimising surprises after we received a building and pest report. We also were able to position our negotiations knowing this ahead of time.

How do we know what to avoid?

image001Hi, I’m Paul Palella, principal of Brisbane Buyers’ Agency. From my more than 20 years in the property, industry working as a registered valuer and quantity surveyor I have literally rolled my sleeves up and inspected thousands of homes. This means I know what to look out for and what will make a great buy – either as an investment or as a family home.

The value of our inspections is that we will save you time, money and frustration by picking up issues that:

  • might mean a property is not worth pursuing – freeing you up to look at other houses and saving you money on an unnecessary building and pest inspection
  • could be used as negotiating terms – saving you money
  • could cause you to terminate a contract – saving you potential headaches and freeing you up to look at other houses.

Please note we always recommend a formal building and pest inspection by a qualified consultant before you purchase any property. We can also help you interpret these reports and work out how to resolve any issues they may raise.

If you would like to know more about what to avoid in your next inspection, please register for our 43 Tips Smart Property Buyers Inspection Report.

Would you like help with your next property purchase?

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I’d love to help you make your next Brisbane property investment or home purchase.

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